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If writing patterns aren’t complex enough, ensuring they’re practically flawless is even more challenging! As a crochet designer, you pour so much energy into creating your design and writing up a pattern, hoping it will create sales and generate a decent income. However, in the midst of this designing and publishing process, there’s an essential but often overlooked step that can significantly impact the success of your crochet patterns: editing.

I’m not talking just about tech editing but pre-editing! Pre-editing your crochet patterns before sending them to a crochet tech editor is not only a wise investment of your time but also a financial decision that can save you money in the long run. I mean, who doesn’t like to save time and money?

Let’s talk about the 4 benefits of pre-editing your crochet pattern, and don’t forget to download your FREE Ultimate Pre-Edit Checklist Guide!

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1) Catching Basic Errors

Imagine sending a pattern full of typos and inconsistencies to me, your tech editor. I would need to spend time correcting these fundamental errors, which would divert my attention from more significant issues such as clarity and accuracy. This could lead to additional rounds of revisions and higher editing costs. Pre-editing your crochet patterns gives you the opportunity to catch basic errors that may range from typos in your written instructions to inconsistencies in your stitch abbreviations. Identifying and resolving these issues before sending your pattern to me, will save us both time and effort.

2) Saving Time in the Editing Process

As a crochet technical editor, my job is to ensure the quality and accuracy of your crochet patterns. I am a paid professional who charges my clients by the hour. By pre-editing your patterns, you can reduce the amount of time I spend editing them. A pattern that has been meticulously pre-edited is quicker and easier for me to review and edit. This efficiency can lead to a shorter turnaround time, allowing you to release your patterns more quickly and maintain a consistent publication schedule.

3) Minimizing Revision Costs

When I review your crochet pattern, I provide feedback and revisions. If your pattern requires a lot of revisions due to errors that could have been caught in pre-editing, it may result in higher costs for you in the long run. Pre-editing your pattern thoroughly can help minimize the need for major revisions, which can save you money! Additionally, it can create a more efficient flow in the editing and publishing process.

4) Learning and Growth

Did you know that pre-editing your crochet patterns can actually help you grow both personally and professionally? By taking the time to really examine your patterns, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the nuances involved in pattern writing. Each pre-editing session is an opportunity to learn and hone your skills, making you an even better pattern writer. So, keep practicing, because as you get better at pre-editing, you’ll start to see that your patterns require less and less pre-editing. This means that you’re really internalizing the principles of pattern writing and becoming a true pro!

I’ve created the perfect…wait, I mean the Ultimate Pre-Edit Checklist Guide that you can download for FREE!

Once you’ve pre-edited your pattern, send it my way so I can help you get it perfect before publishing! Just fill out my CONTACT FORM HERE!

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