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Hey Friend! I’m Cherie. 

Certified Crochet Instructor and Tech Editor

I empower crochet designers through education and mentorship!

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What exactly does a Tech Editor do?

Many designers who have never worked with a Tech Editor ask this question!

Before you scroll any further, find out precisely what a Tech Editor is and my role in preparing your pattern for publishing! 

Cherie's encouragement and gentle guidance helped push me to get my pattern finished and written up, and her keen eye and committment to excellence in editing my pattern really brought it to the next level of quality and polish. Cherie shared so much wisdom and thoughtful opinions during the designing and testing process, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her on my crochet pattern design.

Here’s the thing…

This market is oversaturated!

With hundreds of patterns published daily, crochet designers like you wonder how their patterns will stand out above the rest. With Sweet Bird Crochet’s Tech Editing Services, we ensure your crochet patterns are flawless and published at their full potential, which results in repeat customers and increased sales

How Does
This all Work?

You’ve put in all the hard work to get your pattern written and now you’re ready to have it edited! Fill out my CONTACT FORM and I’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have and learn more about your pattern. 

You can send a PDF of your pattern when you fill out the contact form or via email. I’ll look over your pattern and send you an estimate. The estimate will include how long editing will take me, when I’ll begin, and an estimated cost. 

Once you look over the estimate and agree to my services, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire let’s me know your style of pattern writing. If you’re not sure of your style, don’t worry! We’ll figure it out during the editing process! 

Once I receive your style sheet, I’ll get started on editing your pattern. We’ll work together to make sure your pattern is as perfect as possible before having it tested. 

Stages of Editing

Initial Edit

During the initial edit, I’ll review your pattern line by line with your style sheet in hand! I’ll check for several things, including math/grammar errors, style consistency, accuracy, ease of instruction, and more!

Final Edit

Once the initial edit is complete, I’ll send your edited pattern back to you, which will be full of notes and suggestions. You’ll read through all the edits and make the necessary changes. Once you’re finished, return the edited pattern, and I’ll review it again!

Pre-launch Edit

The final edit is complete, and now it’s time to have your pattern tested! Once testing is complete and you’ve received feedback, I’ll take another look through any additions or changes you’ve made at no cost to you! Then you can hit publish! 

Don’t just take my word for it

Cherie's skill and care as a tech editor was such a blessing as I prepared to publish my first pattern. She walked me through the editing and publishing process step by step, and gave me such a boost of confidence in the quality of my pattern. I'm so grateful to her for all her advice and hard work.
Christiana Kist
Kist Crochet Fiber Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What format does my pattern need to be written in?

I prefer to have patterns submitted as PDF so I can make necessary notes within the PDF before sending it back to you. 

How long does the process take?

My turnaround time varies depending on the difficulty and length of pattern, my workload, and my availability. Typically, I try to have the initial edit back to you within 3-4 days.

Should I get my pattern tested first?

No. Pattern testing should happen AFTER we’ve worked together to get the pattern as perfect as possible. Testers then get a copy of the completely edited pattern to make your design. 

Do you make chages to my pattern?

I don’t make any changes to your pattern. I only make notes on the PDF you send me. We’ll work together to make sure your pattern reflects your voice perfectly!

How much do you charge for your editing time?

I charge $3.00 for every 6-mins I edit your pattern. There is a minimum charge of 60 min, which is $30. Before I begin editing your pattern, I will send you an estimate of how long it will take me and the estimated cost. 

Do I pay you before editing begins?

I normally send an invoice once your pattern is published. Sometimes, the estimated time I spend on your pattern may take a little longer or shorter. Sending you an invoice once my service is complete helps eliminate sending multiple payments or issuing refunds. 

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When you've put the hard work of your crochet design on paper...

it’s time to hire a tech editor who will guide you through the editing and publishing process like a mama bird would her chick! 

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