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Finding your ideal audience for crochet designers
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Don’t worry. You’re not alone! When I began my crochet business, I had no clue who my ideal audience or target customer was. I embarked on my solopreneur journey without any formal business or marketing education. Through trial and error and extensive research, I gained the knowledge I needed to grow my business! When it comes to finding our ideal audience, the first question we need to address is…

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Learn how to find your ideal audience so you can create crochet designs and patterns that sell!

What is an ideal audience?

Your ideal audience or customer is a specific group or individual who is likely to purchase your crochet patterns. This group shares commonalities such as age, economic status, location, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. These are the people you should focus on when writing and promoting your crochet patterns.

When you pinpoint your ideal audience, you can create crochet patterns that meet their specific needs and desires. This will result in writing better patterns and making more sales! I know, you’re probably wondering….

Why do I need an ideal audience?

Girl! Repeat these words after me, and make sure you clap out Every 👏🏼 Single 👏🏼  Syllable 👏🏼  Are you ready? Repeat after me: [You👏🏼 Need 👏🏼 To👏🏼 Be 👏🏼 Seen👏🏼!] There is nothing more discouraging for a micro business than getting lost in the vast crochet market. Yes, micro business is a thing. It’s what me and you and countless other solopreneurs are considered.

As we manage everything on our own amidst the chaos of daily life, we must focus on reaching the right audience. Rather than shouting to the masses who may not hear us, it’s best to engage with a specific individual who could become a loyal customer. Such a customer is going to purchase all of your patterns, recommend them to friends, and share their finished products using your hashtags.

Okay, now that I have your attention, you probably want to know…

How do I find my ideal customer?

Have you ever considered that you might already have an idea of who your ideal customer is? It’s possible that you haven’t even realized it yet! Sometimes, finding your ideal customer is as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror. That’s right – your ideal customer might be someone who shares the same interests, concerns, and hobbies as you do, such as crocheting. However, other times, identifying your ideal audience can be more challenging.

Here are a few things you can do to discover your ideal audience:

Research. Research. Research:

All businesses, regardless of their size, conduct research to determine how they can effectively reach their target audience with their products and services. Unfortunately, many micro businesses overlook this crucial step and end up shutting down their online presence prematurely.

Start looking at your current client base. Who are they? How old are they? Which of your patterns sell the most? What are their demographics?

Talk to your current customers and ask them specific questions:

    1. How did you find out about me?
    2. What terms did you search for to find my business?
    3. How long have you been crocheting?
    4. Do you like easy, T.V. watching types of patterns or more challenging ones?
    5. What has been your experience when working up one of my patterns?
    6. What could I do to improve your experience with my business?

The best way to get feedback from your current customers is to offer a free pattern in exchange for answering questions on a survey. You can create a survey form on Google Forms (which is free as long as you have a Google account) and send the link to your customers who are willing to fill it out. Once they fill out the form, you can email them the PDF of your pattern or a coupon code for a free pattern!

Identify Your Value Proposition:

It’s important to take some time to identify what distinguishes you from other crochet designers. What makes your crochet patterns stand out from those that have already been published? Knowing your unique value will enable you to connect with the right audience!

One major question to ask yourself when you’re identifying your value proposition is: What are the benefits of your crochet patterns, and how do they solve a problem your customer is facing?

Other ways to discover your ideal audience

        • Check out your competitors.
        • Define who isn’t your ideal customer.
        • Market research.
        • Check out your analytics.
        • Create an Ideal Client Avatar.

You’re probably wondering….

What is a Client Avatar?

Don’t worry. I’m not talking about partially naked blue people. I’m talking about a fictional character (or even one who is real) who represents who you want to serve with your business and patterns. Knowing your ideal audience is great, but it’s too broad a reach to be specifically effective.

When you create a client avatar, you get a deep understanding of your dream customer. This customer is the type who purchases every pattern you release, tags you on social media, and posts photos of their progress when they work on one of your patterns. They’re always recommending your patterns to their friends and think you’re the best thing since sliced bread. This customer is super committed to your micro business and supports you wholeheartedly.

Don’t miss out! Join the Flock and download a free guide to help you identify your client avatar! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Once you create a client avatar, you gain insight into their skill level, the challenges they encounter, their preferred learning style, and their design preferences. Armed with this knowledge, you can create engaging content they’ll consume and write incredible crochet patterns that resonate with them!

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