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Become a Guest on the Straight From the Branch Blog!

Thank you so much for your interest in being a guest on my blog! I love introducing new crochet (and knit) designers to the fiber world! Being a guest on my blog gives my readers the opportunity to get to know you! It’s also a great way to share your social media links, pattern releases, and all around exposure as a designer! 

Here’s How It All Works:

  • Fill out the form below
  • If chosen as a guest, I’ll inform you via email and we’ll agree on a date for your guest post. 
  • About 3-4 weeks from the agreed date, I’ll send you a Word document to fill out. This document has anywhere from 10-15 questions (some may be personalized just for you!). 
  • You’ll fill out the Word doc and send it back to me along with social links and pictures to include in the blog posts. 
  • Once the post goes live, I’ll send you a link that you can share on your socials, newsletter, or anywhere else! 

All applicants who are chosen to be a guest will be notified within 10-15 business days from time of the submitted application. 

The information you share here will not be made public. This is to help me get to know you better!
Any free pattern provided must be original patterns designed by YOU.
Please copy/paste the url to your instagram profile
Please copy/paste the url to your facebook profile
Please copy/paste the url to your tik tok profile
Please copy/paste the url to your threads profile
There are many daily applicants and many variables I have to consider before considering a guest. Thank you for your understanding.
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