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When it comes to crochet pattern writing, I’m obsessed! I love to write crochet patterns, and I love well-written patterns! Pattern writing is truly my wheelhouse! When I’m not tech editing patterns, I’m writing them! I write patterns for my designs as well as other designers. My passion for well-written patterns led me to choose crochet tech editing as a service I provide for designers. I also love to teach designers HOW to write great crochet patterns!

Many new designers ask, “What do I include when writing a crochet pattern?” If you’ve asked that question, you’re in the right place!

With my experience as a pattern writer and tech editor, I want to share three main sections that need to be included in any crochet pattern! Let’s fly right into the first section!

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What should I include in my crochet pattern?

Title Page

I know! You probably already know that a title page is a necessary section that every pattern needs. But not many new designers know what to include on their title page. The purpose of a title page is to give the maker all the necessary information to identify the contents of the pattern. The title page of a crochet pattern usually includes five small parts: the title, subtitle, photo of the design, author’s name, and pattern romance. You’ll want to keep things simple on your title page.

  • The TITLE should make sense to the design and not be difficult to pronounce. When you have a catchy title that’s easy to read, the chances of capturing a maker’s attention are greater. Some designers will name all their patterns after bodies of water, cities, or birds. Get creative but don’t go crazy!
  • The SUBTITLE is simply a one-liner about your pattern. Don’t overcomplicate this. The subtitle’s purpose is to give your pattern a little more context. A bit more information. Is a subtitle absolutely necessary? Not at all! However, there may be times when you need an extra ‘oomph’ to compliment your title.
  • The PHOTO you use on your title page should make your design practically come to life! A great photo on the first page should reflect all the hard work you put into designing and writing the pattern! This photo should be front and center! Here are a few helpful tips for taking good-quality photos of your design:
      • Ensure your crochet design is set against a backdrop that won’t detract from the design. No clutter. No clashing colors. No household messes. Less is more when it comes to taking photos of your design. If you want a flat-lay shot and don’t have a great backdrop to use, a poster board or butcher paper is a great alternative. You can use a few super simple decorations but make your main focal point your design.
      • If your design is a wearable pattern, I recommend getting shots of a model wearing the item. The model can be you or a friend. Remember that the true model is your crochet design and not the person!

    • Try to use natural lighting. Take your photos by a well-lit window or outside. If you take shots outside, try to get shots early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the sun isn’t at its brightest or right overhead. This will help avoid shadows, squinting, and washed-out pictures. They say the golden hours to take outdoor photos are before 10 am and after 2 pm.
    • Use a photo editing tool to help enhance the photo. Don’t overdo the editing. Editing should be used for simple edits, not to overcorrect items in your photo. If you have to create a bunch of edits for your shot, then you should probably re-do the shot. The photo should be able to speak for itself without edits. Here’s something to keep in mind: Sometimes, you’ll take such great pics that they won’t need editing!
  • Your NAME definitely needs to be on the Title page. Not just your business name. Your real name. Believe it or not, people want to know the real name behind the designer. Your business name is important, but you as a person are more important. If people only know your business name and not your actual name, you become less human. I’ve been to several websites of small handmade businesses and searched their website for their name, and it was nowhere to be found. I won’t buy from them if I don’t know the real person behind the business name. Get personal. Let people know who you are!
  • Do you know what a PATTERN ROMANCE is? This is part of the title page where you romance the maker into having a relationship with your design. A pattern romance is a short paragraph written to share the inspiration behind your pattern, maybe intrigue the maker about the stitch patterns you used, or share with them how your pattern will solve a particular problem they have! (you can read more about problem-solving designs HERE). The main point with your pattern romance is to write about your pattern, hoping the maker will fall in love with the pattern before they begin to make it!

Pattern Notes Page

Next to the instructions on how to make your design pattern, the pattern notes page is very important. This is the page where your customer, the maker, will find everything they need to complete the project. On this page, you’ll list the project level, all the materials, the gauge, finished measurements, the abbreviations you used in the pattern, and any important notes that will help them complete your design.

Do you want a FREE pattern writing template with details on how to write the various sections of your pattern? I’ve got you covered like a momma bird would cover her chick! Click HERE to get your FREE pattern template!

Free Pattern Writing Template to help you write great crochet patterns!

Pattern Instructions Page

Here comes the nitty-gritty of the actual pattern! The PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS are the meat and potatoes of your design. This is where makers will spend the most time in your pattern! You want this pattern section to be as nearly perfect as possible! Here are a few great tips when writing pattern instructions:

  • Make sure your instructions are clear and concise. Your goal is to use the least amount of words while delivering the most instruction. Don’t write out your instructions in complete sentences. This is where abbreviations are going to help tremendously!

Download the FREE ABBREVIATIONS LIST based on industry standards.

These crochet stitch abbreviations will help you write great crochet patterns!


    • Use pictures that are helpful to complete the pattern. Yes, you’ve probably taken a thousand progress photos of your design along the way. That doesn’t mean they need to be included in your pattern. If a section of your instruction is easier to understand by adding a photo, then do it. However, please don’t include a photo because it’s a great shot. The purpose of pictures is to help the maker make the thing! *side note: If your pattern needs to include pictures to show instruction, use a “Photo Page” where all your photos be placed on one page. Label each photo so you can refer to them in your instructions. A photo page will help cut costs when your customer wants to print your pattern. They have the option not to print the “Photo Page.”

  • Use graphs, charts, and stitch diagrams when necessary. These are great tools to include in your pattern for those makers who are more visual. You won’t believe how many crocheters I run into that find it easier to follow a stitch diagram or chart than the written instructions. You can learn how to make charts, graphs, and stitch diagrams with these TOOLS I wrote about in a recent article.

Are you just starting on your pattern-writing journey? I’d love to work with you to get your pattern ready for publishing! Find out how I can do that HERE!

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