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Pattern Release // Birds of a Feather Bag

Hey Flock!

I’m so excited that this day is finally here! It’s release day for the Birds of a Feather Bag! I seriously LOVE this pattern…So much better than the other two failed attempts! (read about them here). The process to get this design to fly right (pun intended) was discouraging. I’ll be honest. At first, I wasn’t in love with the colors. I asked my Flock on Instagram to pick between four different color combos and the ‘Festival of Lights’ combo won. I was secretly hoping that the pinkie pastel yarn combo would win…but NOOOO! I started to really love the ‘Festival of Lights’ color combo once I started working up this final design. Honestly, this color combo really fits my brand!

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The inspiration behind this design was none other than my sweet bird, Kalani! There’s not a day that flies by where I don’t find a feather somewhere in the house! You should have seen all the feathers that were in my nest during molting season! There were so many feathers that I ended up collecting them, sent them to my hook dealer, and he made a custom crochet hook for me! I’m very excited that he will be a guest on my blog later this month! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and join the Flock so you don’t miss the post!

Here’s a fun fact you may have not known: Birds, whether in captivity or wild, spend 30% of their day preening! Preening is when a bird straightens and cleans its feather with their beaks. Okay, let me nerd out for a minute and explain this whole preening thing! Did you know that most birds Kalani’s size have close to 2,000 feathers!? Keeping each of these feathers in tip top shape is of uber importance! That’s why they preen so much!

At the base of a bird’s tail is what’s called the uropygial (euro-pidge-e-al) gland. This gland secretes an oily, waxy substance that helps a bird’s feathers remain waterproof and maintain their flexibility! I’m sure you’ve seen a bird rubbing its head on their back or looking like it’s “picking” or scratching at their backs. They aren’t scratching themselves; they’re getting the secretion from that gland to rub on their feathers! They will methodically nibble or stroke every feather not just to moisturize them for waterproofing but to align each feather for optimum aerodynamics! How cool is that!? Okay, Okay….back to all the details about Birds of a Feather Bag!

Tapestry Crochet Bag with feather designs

About the Pattern:

Anytime I design a tapestry pattern, I always keep in mind those who are new to the art. I try my best to find that balance between simplicity and challenge.  I want my patterns to be simple enough that those who want to try their hand at tapestry crochet could complete it and feel proud of their project. Yet, I like to add enough of a challenge that those who are familiar with the art won’t get bored and set their project down in their WIP pile. I believe I’ve accomplished just that with this pattern!

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This pattern is worked as one piece from the bottom up AND there are no ends to weave in! Can I get a hallelujah!? Actually, there are two ends to weave in…one at the start of your project and one at the end…unless you carry your ends through as unused yarn!! Genius! I’ve included very clear and detailed written instructions but have also included a graph for those who like to follow a more visual medium. This pattern was thoroughly tech edited before it was tested by my wonderful pattern testers! You shouldn’t run into any errors in the pattern or issues as you work it up! If you do, please contact me ASAP so I can make the corrections!

Note for my left-handed peeps:

You can totally crochet this pattern either right to left or left to right. If you work the pattern from left to right, it will be a mirror image of the design shown!

Yarn I used: 

For the Birds of a Feather Bag pattern, I used Paintbox Cotton Aran yarn. This is a 100% cotton yarn that comes in a variety of fun, beautiful colors! You don’t have to use Paintbox yarn when working up this pattern, any cotton yarn would work wonderfully. I use cotton yarn for most of my bag patterns for two reasons:

  1. Cotton yarn is quite strong, especially mercerized cotton yarn. The process to mercerize cotton is quite fascinating! Cotton is durable fabric that can withstand everyday wear and tear. This makes it a perfect choice for whipping up crochet bags! Not only is cotton durable, it also doesn’t stretch a lot. Especially mercerized cotton. Who wants a crochet bag that can’t really hold anything because it stretches out?
  2. Cotton creates such great stitch definition! When you’re working a tapestry design, stitch definition really helps the design to pop! Cotton also can withstand the tightness of the stitches created without getting wonky!

Other Material:

I’ve included in the pattern several finishing options for this bag design. I used a zipper for my closure, which I bought after my bag was finished so I knew what size zipper to buy. When purchasing a zipper, I always suggest getting one that is a about two inches longer than your finished project. It’s easier to cut a zipper than it is to go back to the store to buy a bigger size.

I also used magnetic snaps as a closure after folding the bag down. This created a fun look to the finish of the bag. This, of course, is optional.

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Tester Photos:

There’s nothing like getting inspired to start a new pattern by seeing the colors other people have used to work it up! I had a wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing testers. They were so helpful and a joy to get to know! Check out their finished projects and let me know in the comments below which colors you liked the best!


Aries of @crochetdiarybyaries
Kristen of @kristensewkrafty
Rachel of @crochet.it.aint_so
Whit of @oaksandpearlcraftery
Susanne of @hookedbysusse
Keli of @flourish_and_yarns

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