End of the Month Update: June · Sweet Bird Crochet

End of the Month Update: June

Can You Believe It!?


We’re halfway through 2022 already!


Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating a new year, reflecting on all that’s happened in 2022! How has your year been going so far?I know for some of us, we’re still in the struggle. For others, we’re coming out of the struggle and then there are those that have overcome quite a struggle! I’m somewhere in the midst of all three!

My biggest struggle right now, and I’m sure you can relate, is finding balance in my every day! I work part-time outside of the home, I run Sweet Bird Crochet, I have my husband, children, and grandbabies to focus on, then there’s house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, exercising, and the list goes on!

I’m thankful that Sweet Bird Crochet is starting to finally get some traction. I believe offering the services I do are making the biggest difference. I’m still designing and selling patterns, but I also offer Tech Editing services for crochet designers, Virtual Assistance for those needing an extra hand, Crochet Classes, and Pattern Writing Classes and support. If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know I love helping and teaching others! I’ll be writing more about these services on my blog and on Instagram! If you’re interested in any of these services or want to talk with me more about it, check out the services tab above or you can email me!

A New Design


Back in May, I asked everyone to vote in my Instagram stories on a color palette for a tapestry bag design I wanted to crochet. I gave four choices, and one was the clear winner! The palette that won was called ‘Festival of Lights’. I’ll be honest, I’ve was having THE. HARDEST. TIME. with the design and I knew why. I wasn’t loving the color palette. I know what you’re thinking, “then why did you make it one of the choices?” Well, because I liked it enough and had no idea everyone would love it so much! The color palette I really loved was in the lead all the way until the end. Then last minute “Festival of Lights’ won by a landslide!

The first design I worked up; I was kind of loving it but also kind of uncertain if I was married to it. The moment my husband said it looked like pickles, I frogged it! The sad part was, I was about 10 rows from being done! I laugh about it now and as I sit here looking at the picture, it does kind of look like pickles! 😂 Sometimes what we see, others look at very differently!

The second design, I really liked but my gauge was WAAAY off! Yep, frogged it too! If I would’ve continued, the bag would have been too tall and disproportionate to the width. Also, I’m not sure how it happened but the design was not centered! Now, I’m working on the 3rd design of this tapestry bag, and on paper, I really love it! “Third times a charm”, they say! With the three-day weekend here, I’ll have the time to get this design on my hook and make some progress!


Virtual Meetup


You all know that I love connection and I am always finding ways to connect with those in our crochet community! I started having monthly crochet meetups via Zoom and it has been a lot of fun! I’ve met several new people over the last few months that I probably would not have met otherwise! I’m really excited to see where this little virtual meetup takes us! The 3rd Thursday of each month we get together for an hour from 8 pm EST to 9 pm EST and just hang out, talk about our projects, our families, our pets, and whatever else suits our fancies! If you’d like to join, click this LINK to sign up. You only have to sign up once then each month you’ll be emailed the link. Don’t feel obligated to join each month! Come when you can and stay for as long as you can!


I’m Hosting My 1st CAL


I have been wanting to host a crochet along for 2 years now and never had seemed to be the right time! I was uncertain about a lot of things since I haven’t hosted one before, but I finally got the yarn balls to do it!

We’ll be making an ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ tote bag! The entire theme of this bag is centered around…. Lemons! I have been on this lemonade kick lately and I can’t get enough of it! Just writing that word ‘lemonade’ made my mouth water!

I thought it would be a lot of fun to have challenges each week to help us complete the project. Each Friday, I’ll post a challenge in the FB Group and the CAL Group on my website. Everyone will have one week to post a picture of their completed challenge. For those that complete the challenge, their name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the weekly prize. The winner will be announced each Saturday! The winner of our weekly prize will win a gift card of their choice! The last week of the CAL will be our grand prize drawing! No, I’m not telling you what the Grand Prize will be yet!

Several people had reached out wanting to join the CAL but was not on FB, so I started a little social media on my website, which has been a great way to connect with others without all the distractions! If you sign up through my website, you’ll have to register for an account, verify your email, then log in. Once you log in for the 1st time, I’ll invite you to the group! I hope you’ll join us!


In Other News…


My husband and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary on June 28th! Each year we visit Provino’s restaurant where we had our 1st date! We sit in the same booth and reminisce about that very hysterical night! After dinner, we head next door, order coffee, and sit outside and talk. This year we had a lot to celebrate! Like the rest of the world, the pandemic hit us on all sides! We not only faced challenges in the world, but also personal challenges that shook the ground beneath us. But God is faithful and through counseling and our faith, we are looking forward to many more anniversaries at this restaurant!




I hope June was a great a month for you! Was there anything noteworthy that happened that you can share?

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