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Corvidae Cowl Pattern Release - Sweet Bird Crochet

This stunning crochet cowl pattern is ready for your hooks!

If you’re looking for an easy crochet cowl pattern, this one is it! It looks spectacular all in one color or you could bust some of your stash and add color changes throughout!

Did you feel the effects of that artic air blast right before Christmas!? Here in Georgia, it got down to 9°with a wind chill of -6°! This island girl will never get used to any temp below 68°! A few days after this artic blast hit us, we were back up to the mid 60’s! Georgia weather is so unpredictable!

However, this cowl pattern isn’t so unpredictable with its easy stitch pattern. If you like to binge watch your favorite show and crochet your heart out, you’re going to love the Corvidae Cowl Pattern!

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Easy crochet cowl pattern from Sweet Bird Crochet

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Pattern Inspiration

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “what in the heck is Corvidae?” Corvidae is a family of birds that include the raven, the crow, the rook, and other similar birds. The raven was what inspired the Corvidae Cowl Pattern. The raven has always been associated with death or dark omens. However, they are mentioned many times throughout the bible as examples of God’s provision and are also used by God to provide for his people.

No wonder God used these birds in mighty ways! Ravens are incredibly smart birds and the largest of our songbirds. On an intelligence scale, they rate as high as chimpanzees and dolphins! They have been known to use ‘tools’, like sticks and branches, to their advantage to get food that is out of their reach. They’re also known to talk better than most parrots and mimic other noises, like other animals or objects. They are opportunistic feeders, so they eat what’s available depending on their environment. That means their diet ranges from berries to dead animals.

Not only are ravens incredibly smart, but they are also very playful! They’ll make toys by using pinecones, rocks, sticks, or even golf balls to play with each other. Ravens have been observed sliding down snowy rooftops or hills. How crazy (and fun) is that!? Ravens will also taunt wild animals with a game of keep away or mock other creatures because they think it’s funny!

If what I’ve shared so far about the raven isn’t interesting enough, you might really love this fact. Ravens are quite empathetic creatures. They grieve over the loss of another raven in their flock. They are also known to console each other is one loses a fight. Ravens are monogamous, meaning they find a mate and are faithful to each other for life. In protecting their hatchlings, they have been known to throw rocks at people who are climbing up to look in the nest.

Although a group of ravens are called an ‘unkindness’, I find nothing unkind about them. They are wonderful birds and I’m proud to have named the Corvidae Cowl after them.

Yarn I Used

Okay, we need to talk about this yarn! It’s so squishy! When you think about wool or any wool blend, does your mind immediately think, “scratchy”? Yeah, mine did too until I got my hands on superwash merino wool!

Merino wool comes from a breed of sheep called Merino. The wool from the merino sheep is considered to be a very high-quality wool. Because the fibers of the wool are fine, it’s considered quite soft! Not to mention those fine fibers will keep anyone warm! Each hair of these fibers is made up of scales (or cuticles) which when washed will bind together and cause felting. This is where the superwash comes in.

To allow the wool to become machine washable, it has to go through a chemical bath (which is made with acid) to remove the scales, so they don’t bind together. This acid bath smooths the yarn permanently and the wool is then tolerable of hotter water temps. Using superwash wool for items needing more washing (think baby clothes and socks) will help the yarn stand up to the wear and tear. There are many benefits to using superwash wool. However, if you’re wanting to stick to more natural fibers, an untreated wool is the way to go. Just be careful to handwash without friction so it doesn’t felt!

For the Corvidae Cowl pattern, I used Western Sky Knits Merino 17. It’s a 100% superwash merino wool. Remember how I mentioned that Merino sheep wool is fine. Well, I learned something new as I was doing a little research about the sheep’s wool: The wool fibers are normally measured in microns. Most merino wool is anywhere from 17 and 24 microns. When you’re wanting to use a merino wool next to the skin, like this cowl pattern, you’ll want to use 17 microns. Ugh…. I love this nerdy information! That basically means it’s more lightweight! So, the WSK Merino 17 was a perfect yarn for this pattern!

First and foremost, this yarn allows the texture of the stitch pattern to shine! Even though I went with a darker yarn, it was really easy to see my stitches. When I say this yarn is squishy, I mean I could sit there and squish it for hours! It’s really lovely! And the way it glided through my fingers as I was working with it…. heavenly! Honestly, it was worth the cost.

Let’s Talk About This Texture

I’m a total texture person! I love when yarn and stitch pattern collide to make a beautiful textured fabric! What’s great about this stitch pattern is you don’t need to purchase bougie yarn in order to get that beautiful texture!

Here’s a few great options to consider!

First up is Lion Brand Heartland yarn! Do you see all that texture!? My tech editor, Carol, worked the pattern up using LB Heartland and it looks stunning. I’ve personally used LB Heartland yarn and love working with it! It’s a premium acrylic yarn that is incredibly soft! And it’s the perfect weight for this pattern! What I love about Heartland yarn is that it comes in a variety of colors! I love the two different colors Carol used!

Another Lion Brand option is Lion Brand Skein Tones. One of my testers, Freda, used a darker border for her cowl and another color for the drawstring. The Skein Tones collection is part of Lion Brand Basic Stitch anti-piling line. Again, this line of yarn is an acrylic yarn that is a medium weight yarn. You should seriously check out all the color options!


Of course, you could bust into that stash and find any medium weight yarn to use! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!

The Drawstring and Poms take it to Another Level

When it comes to cowls, I’m super picky! I think that’s the main reason why I designed this cowl pattern! The problem I’ve always found when it comes to crochet cowl patterns are that many of them are either too bulky, too tight around the neck, or too loose around the neck.

The Corvidae Cowl Pattern was the solution to all my woes! It’s loose enough to not feel like it’s strangling me, but also has drawstrings so when that cold breeze hits me this winter, I can snuggle it closer around my neck! Of course, these pom poms make it playful just like the Ravens!

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