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Hey! I’m Cherie. 

Certified Crochet Instructor and Tech Editor

I empower crochet designers through education and mentorship!

Trusted By:

Cherie is an excellent editor who is meticulous and detail-oriented when it comes to tech editing. Her knowledge of industry standards and conventions is impressive. She not only simplified my instructions for ease of understanding but also made them accessible to makers of different skill levels and backgrounds.
Cherie went above and beyond in the process of editing my pattern! She was exceptionally thorough, organized, and encouraging. Her edits on the pattern were incredibly helpful - she never made me feel like I had to change the personality of my pattern. It was still very much my own at the end of the process - just much more organized, clear and concise, and way more professional.

Finding a Tech Editor you love to work with is hard!

With my knowledge and experience in the crochet industry, I work with designers to help them find their voice and crochet writing style. I don’t just edit patterns, I’m like a mama bird guiding her chicks! I really do love what I do and I’d love to work with you!

I loved working with Cherie! She helped me so much with my newest pattern, from wording to consistency to condensing the pattern for easier printing! I learned so much about industry standards too! I would highly recommend Cherie as a tech editor and highly recommend having your patterns tech edited!

Simply put, I'm here to serve you and to help you publish well-written crochet patterns!

It’s time to flap your wings and bust out with a song – or pour yourself a cup of coffee (can you pour me one too, while you’re at it?)

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When you've put the hard work of your crochet design on paper...

it’s time to hire a tech editor who will guide you through the editing and publishing process like a mama bird would guide her chick! 

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